Enable UIM/P Mock Mode for Testing

Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning (UIM/P) is an EMC tool VCE bundles with new Vblocks. It cuts your time to market by enabling bulk provisioning of compute, storage and networking hardware resources in the Vblock.

UIM/P Mock Mode allows use of the tool to practice various configuration settings and provisioning without affecting the production environment. This is very useful for training or when you would like to try a new config. Here's how to set it up:

  1. SSH into your UIM/P
  2. Login as root
  3. Enter this command: vi /opt/ionix-uim/slm/.bash_profile
  4. Find the CATALINA_OPTS section in the file
  5. Find the -Dprovisioning.live=true attribute in the file
  6. Hit Insert to enable vi editing mode
  7. Change value from true to false
  8. Save your changes: ESC :wq!
  9. Confirm the changes took effect: cat /opt/ionix-uim/slm/.bash_profile
  10. Restart UIM/P services: service uim-service-wrapper restart
  11. You can now create Service Offerings and provision new services without affecting production, or just create a UIM/P lab.
  12. Another option is to deploy a separate instance of UIM/P in the lab, discover the Vblock and then switch it to the mock mode.
  13. All done. Enjoy!

For more information about UIM/P see the following resources

If you need help deploying UIM/P in your environment or in the lab, checkout a post by my friend Jonathan Stewart at www.virtuallyanadmin.com

If you're looking for more info regarding UIM/P, please checkout Mark Strong blog at www.vstrong.info. He has some awesome writeups on the subject.


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