This page contains a list of resources that I find useful in my daily vROps exploits.

vbulosity RSS feed:

vROps Sizing Guidelines:
vROps Online Sizer Tool
vROps Sizing Spreadsheets

vROps Extensibility Options:
You can extend vROps functionality by installing additional management packs:
VMware Management Packs include options for vRA, NSX, vRO, Log Insight, AWS, etc.
Blue Medora Management Packs include options for NetApp, Oracle, SAP, UCS, Citrix, etc.

Operations Management White Papers:
Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes (PDF)
vRealize Operations Manager Load Balancing (PDF)
Creating and Applying Super Metrics in a vSphere Environment (PDF)
VM Right-Sizing Best Practices Guide (PDF)
How to Troubleshoot vSphere 5.x Performance Issues Using vCenter Operations (PDF)
Sophisticated Dynamic Thresholds (PDF)
Protecting vROps with SRM (PDF)
vROsp Backup (PDF)

vROps Books:
Mastering vRealize Operations Manager - Second Edition: Analyze and optimize your IT environment by gaining a practical understanding of vRealize Operations 6.6
VMware Performance and Capacity Management - Second Edition by Iwan 'e1' Rahabok
VMware vRealize Operations Managers Essentials by Matthew Steiner
Mastering vRealize Operations Manager by Scott Norris
VMware vRealize Operations Manager Capacity and Performance Management by Iwan 'e1' Rahabok

More Books.

VMware vROps Related:
VMware Professional Services
Official vROps Documentation
VMware Operations Management White Papers
vROps product page

vROps Blogs and Twitter:
vbulosity by @petertymbel
VMignite by Lan Nguyen
vXpress by @Sunny_Dua 
virtual red dot by @e1_ang
Virtualise Me by @auScottNorris
Elastic Sky Labs by @JAGaudreau
i'm all vIRTUAL by @LiorKamrat

UIM/P Resources:
vStrong @vStrong_info


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