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VMware vROps - vSphere Cluster Capacity and Performance Dashboard Part 1

The vSphere Cluster Capacity and Performance custom dashboard provides a great overview of the cluster's capacity stats based on currently set policy as well as a sanity-check in the form of performance KPIs. The idea behind this dashboard is to empower the user to achieve the desired consolidation ratio while keeping the VM owners happy by avoiding performance bottlenecks and maintaining the agreed upon SLA. This dashboard is intended for cloud-virtualization infrastructure team managers/leads and/or a capacity planning team in an enterprise. One thing you will notice about this dashboard is that it crosses from capacity to performance. I strongly believe that you cannot manage one without considering the other, as they go hand-in-hand. This also addresses the one weakness of the out-of-the-box (OOTB) dashboards, in that they focus on a single resource and object type at a time. For example, CPU and Host. This single-dimensional focus is a limiting factor in presenting a com

VMware vROps - EPOps vCenter Monitoring Dashboard

The release of VMware vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.1 opens up the door for new possibilities in custom dashboard design using the End-Point Operations (EPOps) Agent data. As a proof of concept, I recently designed a simple dashboard for one of my customers that leverages the new capabilities, which enable monitoring in-guest services as well as a collection of OS and application metrics. This dashboard could be used by the operations team to monitor a vCenter and provide early warning on potential issues, empowering them to transition from reactive to proactive support mode. Moreover, this dashboard could be easily modified to monitor just about any  supported   OS and application running in a VM or even physical machine.  This could include monitoring of SQL, Exchange or SharePoint servers.  The possibilities are almost endless.