Allocating vCloud Storage with UIM/P Part 5 - Verify new Storage in vCloud

This is the last of the 5 part series Allocating vCloud Storage with UIM/P Guides. In this guide, we will verify our new Storage in vCloud Director.

Verify new Storage in vCloud
  • Point your browser at your vCloud Director and login
  • Click the Manage & Monitor tab
  • Under vSphere Resources, click Datastores & Datastore Clusters
  • Double click each Datastore Cluster to view the newly allocated Datastores
  • Ta-da! You should see the new Datastores

That's all.

Allocating vCloud Storage with UIM/P Guide:
Part 1 - Check Free Space and LUN Sizing
Part 2 - Provision Storage using UIM/P
Part 3 - Set Tiering Policies in Unisphere
Part 4 - Configure Storage in vSphere for vCloud
Part 5 - Verify new Storage in vCloud

For more information about UIM/P see the following resources

If you need help deploying UIM/P in your environment or in the lab, checkout a post by my friend Jonathan Stewart at

If you're looking for more info regarding UIM/P, please checkout Mark Strong blog at He has some awesome write-ups on the subject.


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