VMware vROps - vSphere Cluster Capacity and Performance Dashboard Part 2 - Top Offenders

As promised in part 1 of the VMware vROps - vSphere Cluster Capacity and Performance Dashboard post, here is part 2. In this post, I'll cover a set of three Top Offenders dashboards that allow you to find the objects (VMs, Hosts, Datastores) behind some of the values, like Highest VM CPU Ready %, in your cluster. As discussed in the last post, this is accomplished via the Dashboard Navigation feature introduced in vROps. In essence, this functionality combined with the three Top Offenders dashboards supplants the drill-in limitation of the Scoreboard widget and Super Metrics I mentioned in the previous post.

Before we get into the Top Offender dashboards, let me point out that after enabling the dashboard interaction functionality, you will see a Navigation icon in the Cluster Health Chart widget that will allow you to make a jump into one of the three Top Offenders dashboards. See example below:

So finally, here is an example of what a Top Offenders - VMs dashboard looks like. (Host and Datastore dashboards look the same, except they show the respective metrics.)

It's basically a series of Top-N widgets configured to show top 25 VMs in each category of KPIs (CPU, memory, storage, and network). You can select a VM and click the Chart button in the toolbar, or double-click the VM in the list and vROps will take you to the Analysis OOTB dashboard for the object. As you can see, there is not much going on in this dashboard and it kind of looks boring, but today this is the best way of getting down to the objects that are impacted the most from the cluster level.

Here are the Host and Datastore versions:

Stay tuned for my next dashboard and enjoy!

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