VMware vROps - A look at what's new in vROps 6.6?

VMware announced the release of vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) 6.6. vROps is VMware's popular Cloud and Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) monitoring and analytics solution. With VMware moving to a more agile development model for vROps, we have seen each dot release getting dropped quarterly, which is a huge improvement from vCOps days. The quarterly release cycle has also delivered major new features each time, besides the now expected usability and stability improvements. It looks like vROps 6.6 kept the momentum going with a major UI redesign, the addition of several new capabilities, and improvements to many existing features. Congrats to the product team on a job well done!

Let's take a quick inventory of what's new and improved.

Redesigned user interface provides a modern look and improved user experience

  • New HTML5 user interface provides an easier and consistent experience.
  • The Getting Started dashboard allows for quick navigation.
  • Persona-based dashboards provide answers in one place. Dashboards are separated into categories such as Operations, Capacity and Utilization, Performance Troubleshooting, Workload Balance, and Configuration and Compliance.

Fully Automated Workload Balancing

  • Ensures performance across the datacenter's with fully Automated Workload Balancing, across Clusters, and across Datastores.
  • Ensures DRS Configurations and provides the option to view and set DRS automation level for individual objects to deliver better balance.
  • Predictive DRS takes action to preempt and avoid resource contention.
  • Utilizes operations analytics to optimize initial placement of workloads through vRealize Automation based on business needs.
  • vRealize Automation Management Pack is included OOTB.

vSAN Management Pack is preinstalled and ready to roll

  • Allows for centralized management across stretched clusters.
  • Coverage for stretched clusters, deduplication/compression, resync traffic.
  • Ensure vSAN readiness from a single console.
  • Deploy and manage vSAN with confidence with complete visibility down to individual physical disk level.
  • Operationalize vSAN with performance and capacity monitoring.
  • Complete vSAN management, which includes administering performance, capacity, logs, and configuration and health.

Updated SDDC Health Management Pack

  • Single pane of glass to monitor health of all SDDC components and infrastructure
  • SDDC app oriented views with Health status for each product.
  • Correlation of SDDC app component to the underlying infrastructure health deployment instance and corresponding VM health.
  • Enhanced OOTB Health and Compliance Alerts with Recommendations.

New Service Discovery Management Pack

  • Discover and list services and display the relationship between selected service and other services on other VMs.
  • Visualize relationship of selected VM with other VMs
  • Service Breakdown Across Environment
  • Validate SRM protection group and recovery plan membership

All new Federation Management Pack

  • Ability to have visibility into multiple SDDC Deployments through a single pane of glass. These deployments are usually monitored by individual vROps instances which creates complexity for the end users
  • Provide a summary of Performance, Capacity, and Configuration of the Virtual Infrastructure to Senior Executives and VI Admins across all SDDC deployments
  • Provide summary views of Health and Configuration of SDDC Management Stack to Senior Executives and VI Admins across all  SDDC deployments
  • Provide a unified view of events triggered across the SDDC environments into a single page for making it easier for Network Operations Centers (NOC) / Helpdesk to initiate action
  • Ability to create a data warehouse where the user-selected set of metrics could be stored for data archiving and reporting use cases. Users should have an ability to select the desired set of Objects and their metrics and properties to be forwarded to the Federation instance of vROps
  • Ability to create reports for capacity and configuration for the Senior Executive and exporting of data out of vROps.

Additional out-of-the-box compliance capabilities

  • Ability to tackle compliance problems through the new vSphere hardening dashboard
  • Extends compliance through PCI & HIPAA compliance for vSphere.
  • Ensures business configurations through new cluster, host, and VM configuration dashboards

Complete in-context integration with vRealize Log Insight

  • Faster troubleshooting in vROps with in-context logs from vRLI.
  • Direct launch of Log Insight Dashboards.
  • Direct launch into Log Insight Interactive Analytics.
  • Object auto-initiated log management.
  • vROps Alerts auto-initiated log management

Updated vRealize Business

  • Cost analysis for all services on AWS and Azure.
  • VM Level usage visibility into public clouds.
  • Fine-grained cost analysis for private cloud.
  • Makes capacity optimization quantifiable.
  • Procurement planning.

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