Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes - vROps White Paper

VMware just published my White Paper titled "Aligning vRealize Operations with Business Outcomes" on the Tech Papers site. Read it here.

Over the past few years, I have been designing, deploying, and customizing vRealize Operations (vROps) Manager for many VMware customers. Working with different clients, I noticed a common theme emerge among various business and IT leaders. Many customers are looking for IT reporting that closely resembles their lines of business such as services, departments, applications, teams, and other logical business constructs. Quantifying performance, utilization, and consumption at the logical business unit level is more important to business leaders than at the vSphere Cluster level. This is because in today’s world, services, applications, and business units can span multiple infrastructures from private, through hybrid, to public. Generally, IT reporting around business services has been difficult with traditional tools as they are very infrastructure-centric. 

vRealize Operations Manager is flexible and ready to answer this challenge. This white paper is designed to serve as a comprehensive guide that ties various distinct vROps features into a cohesive solution and enables IT to become more transparent and aligned with business value. The white paper walks through extending vROps to provide business-oriented reporting that empowers business stakeholders to make better decisions and gain insight into various business services in the datacenter or cloud.

Download the White Paper and learn how to:
  1. Define Custom Groups that align your IT with the business structure of your organization.
  2. Create Super Metrics that quantify the way you do business.
  3. Build Custom Dashboards that provide information your business wants.
  4. Automating the entire process.
Enjoy creating your own business-oriented reporting in vROps!

There appears to be a mistake in one of the super metrics... Please note that super metric number 12 on page 24 should be:

Disk Space Provisioned to BU:
sum(${adaptertype=VMWARE, objecttype=VirtualMachine, attribute=diskspace|provisionedSpace, depth=1})

VMware offers Professional Services that can help organizations design, implement, and automate solutions described in this White Paper.

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  1. Awesome Doc! Is there a typo re: SuperMetric #12? Seems to reference Memory instead of Storage...

    1. Yep, looks like you're right. No matter how many times you go over it, you always end up missing something... Thank you for catching it. I'll post an update with the correction.


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